Take care of your flow

Aunt Flow is committed to ensuring all
people have access to menstrual products.

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Who We Are

Claire 1

Claire Coder

Chief Estrogen Officer, CEO


I was sitting at a Startup Weekend in Columbus, Ohio on a Friday night and I got my period. Surrounded by men, I knew the odds of getting a tampon were little to none. However, I knew that I would be able to go to the store later that night and buy what I needed. Unfortunately, this isn't the case for 26.4 million menstruators in the United States who can't afford essential menstrual products. I knew I needed to create a sustainable solution to ensure everyone has access to these necessary products, so I pitched the idea for what is now known as Aunt Flow.

Fully committed to the project, I dropped out of college, took on 3 waitressing jobs, and worked late into the evenings to launch the company. Now, the 20-year-old founder and CEO of Aunt Flow, I view the world with a special hue of coral and period positivity. Each day, I work to ensure no menstruator is caught without a tampon.


Lindsey McEntee

Chief Ovulation Officer, COO


I was in my sophomore year at Ohio State University when I accidentally landed myself in a women's studies class. I like to describe the experience as, 'opening my eyes as to why I felt like sh*t all the time.' I was now able to interpret a pervasive culture of female body-shaming, and take steps towards living shame-free in the only body I will ever have. I knew it was my responsibility to move forward and share my experience.

Now, as the COO of Aunt Flow, I've committed my career to providing all menstruators with the tools to manage their periods, whether that be education, period positivity, or a pad. No topic is off limits when it comes to the menstrual movement. Each day, I work to make sure that everyone feels comfortable in their bodies – no matter the time of the month.

What We Believe

Take care of your flow

Menstrual products are not a luxury.

Yet, they are not covered by WIC or food stamps and they are taxed as luxury items in most states. No one should EVER have to make the choice between food or tampons, and they should not have to use dirty socks or plastic bags to stop the flow. Aunt Flow is committed to ensuring every person has access to menstrual products. To date, we have donated over 30,000 tampons and pads to organizations in the US that support menstruators.

Have you ever looked at the ingredients of your menstrual products?

Many leading brands do not disclose their ingredients and sneak in synthetics, dyes, and chemicals. Do you want chlorine creeping into your body from your tampon? Our products are 100% cotton, FDA regulated, and biodegradable.

100% natural biodegradable tampons

People helping people

You may have noticed that we do not use the term "feminine hygiene products."

We are actively changing our language and referring to tampons and pads as “menstrual products.” You can read more about the dramatic shift in language we did here.