Menstruation on National TV, Girl Starter

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When I was selected to be on a national TV show back in October 2016, I was eager to share my real self with the world. I was determined to maintain my personality and not let “TV get to me.”

I am allergic to cats and dogs. I don’t watch TV. I dropped out of college. I talk about tampons for a living. This quirky recipe of DNA is me, Claire Coder. Starting April 28, 2017 you ill be able to meet me on TLC every Friday night 7:00pm/EST starring on Girl Starter.

When I was selected, I was told that I would live in NYC for nearly eight weeks. I was freaking out. Not because I was going to be on TV, but because I had to figure out how to manage Aunt Flow remotely just 3 months after officially launching sales. Thankfully, Lindsey McEntee, our fearless COO (Chief Ovulation Officer) rose and accepted the challenge head on. For eight weeks, she managed the brand new company and many of our customers didn’t even know I left. Even after 16 hour filming days, I would crack open my computer, check in with Lindsey, and respond to emails far past everyone else went to sleep. Routinely, I would sleep less than 4 hours every night, binge eat, and slip out of my workout routine.

The eight weeks filming for Girl Starter were challenging, exhilarating, and fatiguing. Of course, the struggle is educational and I can guarantee those weeks transformed me as a human and business owner.  

Throughout filming, I was creating valuable friendships with the 7 other girls on the show. We cried together, laughed together, and bonded together. During each episode, we truly supported each other.

Media so often tries to pit women against women. We did not let this happen. 

During each elimination, we held each other tight. We are still tight. We talk nearly every day. We send each other pooping selfies.

 I have yet to see any of the episodes, so I will be watching along side of all of you. To get a taste of what is coming checkout this teaser (viewable at 26:15mins.)


April 14, 2017


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Claire Coder is the founder and CEO of Aunt Flow. Now 19, the young entrepreneur spends her very limited free time dancing spastically, geeking out over podcasts, and dreaming of being on The Ellen Show. Claire loves chatting about religion, higher education, and left-handers, so shoot her an email on the contact page.