Meet Hollie Davis, Aunt Flow’s New Niece

My name is Hollie and I am a creative, friend, and curious scholar. I have spent most of my life being self conscious about being socially conscious. It wasn’t until I became an adult that I could spread my wings and fly.

I could not pass up the offer to work with the living inspiration that is Claire. She makes trailblazing the new normal.

I love to paint and draw, and most of my life is about getting the resume builders (that I usually love) and the research (which I also love) out the way to spend more time in the studio. I am the creative Niece. In addition, I will target the Chicago collegiate community to promote Aunt Flow. Tapping into my feminist network(s) as a women’s studies major, I will also spread the message of Aunt Flow to Ms. Magazine and the feminist majority blog. Appropriately, my thesis will be on access to capital for women entrepreneurs. Aunt Flow is allowing me to accomplish another long-term goal of making handmade, original artwork for socially conscious organizations. I want them to be known for not only the work that they do, but the culture they create. We are the stories we tell.

(All art by Hollie Davis)

September 24, 2016


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Claire Coder is the founder and CEO of Aunt Flow. Now 19, the young entrepreneur spends her very limited free time dancing spastically, geeking out over podcasts, and dreaming of being on The Ellen Show. Claire loves chatting about religion, higher education, and left-handers, so shoot her an email on the contact page.