Campaign Launch Event: Menstrual Memories

Tears were in my eyes last night as I stood in my coral dress, panty hose, and heels. I was not even on my period, but last night was a tremendously emotional night. Watching my dream evolve into a reality was humbling and moving experience.

As I looked around at the community that came together for our Crowd Funding Launch party at The Kitchen, I realized the impact that Aunt Flow has made and will make in this country.Throughout the night, I would observe attendee’s jaws drop as they read our “flow facts” and learn more about the stigma and lack of support for women needing tampons. Aunt Flow is committed to educating everyone about feminine hygiene products from the importance of quality, to personal care. That being said, here is another “flow fact” for you: Women will spend, on average, $3,000 on tampons and pads in their lifetime. WOAH.

I need to say a HUGE thank you to The Strategy Network and Stephen Letourneau-James for their sponsorship food and drink costs. The Bloody Mary’s and Crimson Wave Cocktails were a hit. The Kitchen generously donated their venue space for the evening and will be strutting some of our Aunt Flow and Flow Bro t-shirts. Geben Communication and Heather Whaling played a huge role in offering mentorship, sponsorship, and support. Over 15 local businesses donated raffle prizes tallying nearly $1,500.

Our musicians kept the evening flowing. Kristen Peters, an astute violinist and ukulele player, wrote a song specifically for the event. The following lyrics from the song truly hit home for me: “I’m a leader that can move her, and I’m a teacher that inspires. And I’m a worker, that will push to the end. And I’ll do all of this, with a tampon in.” This is just a taste of her talent. Kristen’s song will be available soon and all downloads will benefit our crowd funding campaign. Ray Li kept the party going with an astonishing performance with his Soundspace gloves. All eyes were turned to him and he finally put a hush on the crowd. Heck! More people were paying attention to him than when I had the microphone!

A moving moment was talking about the various organizations that will be the initial beneficiaries of Aunt Flow. Hoops and hollers were sounded when talking about the impact that Aunt Flow will make in year one. Our goal is to donate over 100,000 tampons in the first year and we are starting to support nonprofits right away. Four organizations are in the running to win 1,000 tampons, a visit from Aunt Flow, and Aunt Flow swag. OSU Star House, Columbus YWCA, Freedom a la Cart, and Tiger Pantry are each striving to raise the most money for our crowd funding campaign on behalf of their organization to win the grand prize.

Speaking of our crowd funding campaign…. Our goal is to raise $25,000 to purchase our initial order of 100% cotton, FDA regulated, plastic applicator, 75% biodegradable, branded tampons. If you are interested in supporting our efforts, donations can be made at Every little bit can make an impact. Think about it this way: Just one tampon can keep a woman from soiling another pair of panties.

Well… Here’s to the next 30 days of our crowd funding campaign. People helping people. Period.

Outside loans, investments, and grants will supplement the money raised from our crowd funding campaign. Aunt Flow must raise a total of $150,000 to purchase one million tampons. If you are interested in investing or have information on grants or loans, we would love to hear from you:

May 13, 2016


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Claire Coder is the founder and CEO of Aunt Flow. Now 19, the young entrepreneur spends her very limited free time dancing spastically, geeking out over podcasts, and dreaming of being on The Ellen Show. Claire loves chatting about religion, higher education, and left-handers, so shoot her an email on the contact page.